Vicentina Path

Vicentina Coast: the splendour
of nature

Contact with nature and the pleasure of walking are two good reasons to discover and walk along the Vicentina Coast.

A section of the Vicentina Path runs along the cliffs, called the Trilho dos Pescadores (Fisherman’s Trail) where the landscapes are stunning and you can find some fantastic places: Carvalhal Beach, Amália Beach and the fishing harbour of Azenha do Mar.

The Vicentina Coast is ecologically very rich and known for its rich and diverse flora and fauna. Another important aspect is that it is considered by many connoisseurs as the best-preserved Southern European coastline.

Casa da Seiceira, an excellent starting point

Casa da Seiceira lies 400 metres from Trilho dos Pescadores. From there walkers can take multiple routes, according to their fitness and the desire for adventure.

For your convenience and to help guide you we have a map to assist you. All you have to do is just choose the route. For 10 euros, we provide a packed lunch for the walk and free transfers between Zambujeira and Odeceixe. Your walk will be unforgettable.